Here’s The Racist Thug From Chicago Who Tortured a White Trump Supporter… But It Was ‘Only a Prank’ Right?

Some degenerate, disgusting, disgraceful, black lives matter supporting scumbags kidnapped, beat, tortured, SLICED his head open, and made him drink nasty Chicago toilet water and they’re claiming it’s a prank?


A prank is putting salt in someone’s milk, putting a pointy pencil in the couch cushion for someone to sit on, or walking around town acting like a zombie to freak people out and get a viral video.

But these scumbags took it to another level. They physically abused a special needs person after they kidnapped him in a stolen vehicle. Allegedly, of course.

The racist punks manhandled and desecrated someone who couldn’t even fight back. This is the most cowardly crime I have ever seen.

Then they have the nerve to call HIM the “b*tch ass n*gga” ? You’re joking, right?

I know who the b*tches are, and it isn’t the special needs guy being tortured in Chicago by racist anti-Trumpers. God bless that man’s soul and I hope someone takes care of him. He does not deserve to be treated like this. No one does, of course, until now. The people who did this to him deserve to have it done to them.


Mr. Fatty Lord about to be back ‘inna jail where he can hang his pants low and be a bottom banger. That’s prison code for being the guy on the bottom, the catcher, if you know what I mean.

Your friend below, this isn’t her first crime? No shock there.


The racist thugs in Chicago need to be put behind bars and let prison do it’s thing. Maybe they’ll get tortured. Every time they do, they’ll think about what they did to this guy.

She’s crying in a mugshot, but she’ll be crying more if she gets shanked in the slammer.

To top it off, they yell “F*ck Trump” as if that has anything to do with this terrible crime. What does Donald Trump have to do with anything? He’s the last hope for blacks in Chicago. Has anyone looked at Chicago lately? Black folks kill each other at record levels in Obama’s hometown with the strict gun laws.

It’s obvious that black lives don’t matter in Chicago.

What has democrat Rahm Emanuel, 44th mayor of Chicago, done for his city? He’s a sanctuary city boy who harbors illegal immigrant criminals, and now this? Let’s see if he steps up his game to call this a hate crime, because that’s what it is. I have a feeling he’ll be his usual weak self and call this an assault or some other minor crime.

Don’t you love the double standards in America?

Blacks torture a white special needs guy in Chicago, but mainstream media acts like its nothing more than the weather. No big deal.

If white people did this, there would be riots.

Where’s the white people rioting?

There are no riots because rioting and looting is a crime. Smart people are on social media alarming the mainstream media so the mainstream media can do their job for once.

Enough FAKE NEWS STORIES MSM, because here’s a real story and

Some people had the nerve to call this a prank or a misunderstanding. Yeah right. These are 18-year-olds with criminal records.

I suppose the next time he asks for a present, it will be to free you.


Everyone knows it’s true. If white people did this, there would be riots.

Don’t act like it’s not a fact.

At least 20 stores would’ve been looted within hours of the story breaking.

Mainstream media would be all over it.

But since it’s the other way around, you’ll probably see mainstream media try to sweep it under the rug like it was some teens doing a prank.

No. This is outright hate crime, kidnapping, torture, and should be dealt with in adult court.

If you disagree with me, then you’re the problem.

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