Chicago Thug Gets Busted In Prison, Then BRUTALLY Assaults FEMALE Prison Guard (VIDEO)

A prison inmate just sucker punched the skin off a woman’s face when she tried to apprehend his illegal contraband laptop.

He probably knocked her into another time zone as the 41-year-old Jimmie Smith just added to his list of reasons why he’s holed up in the Cook County Jail in Chicago. She needs to go back to the future and take some martial arts lessons and buy herself a black belt.

He’s been locked up for seven years for charges ranging from attempted murder to sexual assault, and he’ll probably stay for much longer after this incident.

I don’t know who would ever want a job as a prison guard. That sounds like a worse job than sucking the fecal matter out of a highway porta-potty. I’d rather pull liberal turds out of the Johnny-on-the-spot than work in a prison with little to no weaponry to battle my way out of tough situations.

And if I ran a prison, there’s no chance in hell that I’d hire a paltry little woman or some skinny bow legged guys who can’t fight to work my shifts. I’d only hire people who look like The Rock, because if they get punched in the face by a rowdy inmate, then they’re gonna tear that inmate a second Bubba-butthole and make sure our tax payer prisons get the best bang for the buck.

What’s this lady going to do? Hold back an extra piece of toast? No. She’s just going to get punched by another inmate until she quits or starts shaking like Michael J. Fox.

Jimmie Smith eating (Photo: Cook County Sheriff)
Jimmie Smith eating (Photo: Cook County Sheriff)

Maybe I’m the weird one, but I kinda enjoyed watching this video. It’s a wake-up call to anyone who thinks they can handle a job in a prison.

Let this video be a reminder that if you don’t have an iron chin, then you don’t belong in a prison.

Stop wasting my tax money if you can’t even protect yourself from a feral thug who has no regard for his life or yours. We need strong people in our prisons and this lady needs to quit and go work in fashion retail or something else.

Enjoy the punch heard around the cell.

Mirror – A prison inmate has been captured on film punching a female jail guard in his cell.

The attack occurred after the prisoner was reportedly busted using a laptop to record a talk show called “My Back’s Against the Wall”.

Jimmie Smith, 41, has been held in Cook County Jail, Chicago, Illinois, for seven years as he fights a range of charges including attempted murder and sexual assault.

Now he has been charged with aggravated battery to a correctional officer, The Chicago Tribune reports.

In the video, the female guard approaches Smith and tries to grab his lap top from him.

But he violently lashes out and smashed her in the face.

Almost immediately, he surrenders to the male officers – turning around and putting his hand on the walls as they rush in to apprehend him.

The video of the talk show was in fact of Smith hosting a show featuring lewd pictures of Smith inside the jail, the newspaper reported.

He had received the laptop to help prepare his defence for his court case.

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