Chicago’s Liberal Mayor Just Did The UNTHINKABLE To Protect Illegals In His State – Residents Rightfully Terrified

The left will do anything to protect those that want to destroy America. That is evident in the way that Obama opened our borders for the past 8 years. Not only did Obama flood our borders with illegals, but he also allowed refugees to enter unvetted. While many on the left have drunk the kool-aid and believe this to be an act of benevolence by liberals, I see it as much more sinister ploy. Now, what just happened in Chicago should have the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and it is only going to get worse.

The Windy city has myriad of issues already to contend with, but they keep borrowing more. They already have one of the highest crimes rates in the country, but they are now harboring illegals. Instead of them kicking out these illegals that make up a good portion of their crime rate, they have decided to give them identification cards.

Rahm Emanuel wants illegal immigrants living in Chicago to have their own special IDs now.

Last Wednesday, Chicago City Council voted not unanimously I must add, to create a program that will give identification cards to illegals. This program is to help illegal immigrants receive city services which I am sure taxpayer funded.

Alderman Anthony Beale voted against the measure and its $3 million dollar price tag attached to it.

“I still believe this is the jurisdiction of the state and federal government,” he said.

But, of course, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is all for this program. Emanuel is doing his best to “fight Trump” and by giving these illegals identification cards is one of them. When Rahm was asked they weren’t asking the federal government for help he said, “The last people you’d want to turn for help right now is the federal government.”

Hot Air proposed an excellent point as well about this entire situation. How many illegal immigrants actually want to be documented? According to their research, many of these people rather stay off the radar.

In the face of stepped-up deportation efforts, many unauthorized immigrants worry that state and local programs that are designed to help them could instead be used by federal agents to identify and expel them from the country.

About a dozen states have created special driver’s license programs for people who can’t prove U.S. citizenship, and more than a dozen cities have started identification programs so that unauthorized immigrants and others can complete tasks such as opening bank accounts, enrolling their children in school and receiving government services.

Under the programs, most of which were created in the last five years, state and local government agencies have reviewed and perhaps retained millions of documents with personal information about the applicants, such as their names, addresses, and foreign identification numbers.

That is funny considering that when his best buddy Obama was in office he was always asking for help, right?

This man is openly fighting the Consitution by issuing these cards and should be arrested. However, since he is framing this program as a way to help ex-inmates, homeless people, and illegal immigrants he gets away with it.

But, there is one more another angle here that I think is worth looking at. The left lost soundly to President Trump back in November against Hillary Clinton. For months they have been licking their wounds of defeat and throwing endless temper tantrums. They did their best to cheat their way to victory, but it failed. So, they are now looking for new ways to win and this could be another sneaky way to do it.

The democratic party is left in shambles and they need more voters and what better way to do that than to give illegals I.D. cards.

This is a rather terrifying occurrence if you ask me. The people in Chicago do not even have the right to carry and protect themselves and now illegals are being given more rights.

I am not exactly sure what the answer is here, but I am quite sure that this is not the solution. Let us know what you think about Chicago giving illegals immigrant identification cards. Sound off in the comments below!

H/T [ Conservative Daily Post ]

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