Chick-Fil-A Just PISSED Off Thugs When They Just Did This To Honor Fallen Officers— INCREDIBLE!

Chick-Fli-A has always been vocal about supporting police officers and “backing the blue”, but recently their support got personal. Recently a Chick-Fil-A has brought great honor to a local fallen man in blue. The fallen officer is Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy First Class Norman Lewis. Deputy Lewis was killed Monday during a manhunt for the felon Markeith loyd who is suspected of killing his pregnant girlfriend.

The manhunt for 41-year-old Loyd began after he shot and killed Master Sgt. Debra Thomas Clayton of the Orlando Police Department after she confronted Loyd outside of a Walmart on Monday. Deputy Lewis’s death occurred when he was in a motorcycle accident while assisting in the manhunt of Loyd.2017_01_16_12_34_28_chick_fil_a_honors_fallen_orlando_cop_by_setting_up_a_missing_man_table_dail Lewis is an 11-year veteran of the force and was a big fan of Chick-Fli-A, he frequently visited the fast food chain off of University Avenue, dropping in for lunch at least twice a week. Deputy Lewis’s gentle giant, light-hearted personality has the cashiers always laughing. The staff at the location felt broken-hearted when they heard of Deputy Lewis’s death and wanted to pay tribute to Lewis. The university Avenue location paid tribute to Lewis by creating what is a called a ‘Missing Man Table’.

On the table, they displayed a framed photo of Lewis, a Bible, a single red rose in a vase and a candle. In addition, the table also has empty containers, a fruit cup, a large drink and a 12-count nugget meal which were his favorite menu items. ‘For our restaurant, it is especially heartbreaking losing such a loyal guest, a fellow UCF Knight, and a raving fan, Deputy Norm Lewis’s smiling face will be truly missed!’ the Chick-Fli-A location wrote on their Facebook page. “‘Thanks’ is not enough for what brave men and women like Norm sacrifice for our safety every day,” the Facebook post concludes. The manhunt for Loyd continues and authorities have increased the reward for his arrest to $100,000.

To honor Lewis, staff at the Chick-Fil-A location on Universtive Ave created what is a called a 'Missing Man Table' display (above) that has Lewis' framed photo, a Bible, a single rose and a candle

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