Chick Thrown Off Plane For Talking Crap About Hillary and Calling Her This…

via Truth & Action: Never say anything derogatory against Queen Hillary on a United Airlines flight, or you could end up being thrown off.

Andrew of San Francisco called the Rush Limbaugh show and shared how his wife’s First Amendment right to express her political views cost her flight from San Fransisco to the East Coast, when the gestapo gate agent heard something she did not like and threw her off the flight.

While waiting to board her flight, the caller’s wife was having a political conversation with fellow passengers. It is the sign of the times, political discussions with whomever will partake.  While expressing her views, in what her husband called a “normal tone voice”, she made the statement that Hillary Clinton is a bitch.  At this point, the gate agent freaked out, “making a beeline right to my wife”, and pulled her out of line.  She was not allowed to board because of her outspoken opinion regarding Hillary.

The caller made the statement that this was like living in Nazi Germany.  “This is exactly the kind of behavior that I would expect in Nazi Germany.”

Listen to the call on the following page… it is truly astounding.

Kicked off a flight, even before boarding for making the statement that she thought Hillary Clinton was a bitch, is certainly a violation of one’s First Amendment rights.  However that gate agent at the San Fransisco terminal for United Airlines was so offended that she literally drug the woman right out of line and did not allow her to board.

Rush Limbaugh interviewing Andrew, the husband of this woman, responded, “You’re kidding?”

CALLER: Absolutely I am not kidding. This… I am absolutely and totally, totally outraged and disgusted thatUnited Airlines has employees that will conduct this. You cannot even have a political speech now in an airportwithout being pulled aside. She was denied boarding; she missed her flight. We had to rebook on another airline at very great expense, I might add. You can imagine, right, if you have to make a last-minute flight change, how much you’re gonna have to pay to do that.

RUSH: Are you gonna pursue this with United? You got witnesses, right?

Andrew told Rush that getting through to United was going to be near impossible and “there not going to handle a legal question on an 800 number”.

CALLER: You better watch your speech, because, you know what, you may be denied boarding and you can imagine what that’s gonna do to your travel plans.

RUSH: Look, this does not surprise me. I mean, not like you think it might. These people on the left are the most the intolerant people. It does not surprise me at all. That’s no different than trying to run a bakery out of business or trying to run a photo shop out of business. These people are into “political correctness,” which is speech censorship. Doesn’t surprise me. Tell your wife, “Say ‘b-i-itch’ next time and you’ll be safer.”

The speech police, the politically correct police are everywhere.  This couple had to purchase another ticket, last minute, on another airline, which made the fare astronomical.  They very well may never see a dime in a refund, but at least, Andrew got the word out that United and their gate keepers may all be police speech, so beware.

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