Excerpted from Mad World News: While the FBI and CIA continue on a wild goose chase for a motive in the beheading of Colleen Hufford, thanks to the Obama administration’s efforts to protect the name of Islam, the rest of America waits for the next inevitable jihad with coverup to follow.

Just four days after convert to Islam Alton Nolen beheaded Hufford in Oklahoma, Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah paid his respects to the same Allah, kneeling into a Muslim prayer in the end zone after scoring a touchdown. Perhaps the celebratory display was a bit too soon for families still grieving from the devastation caused in the name of Islam.

Through investigative reporting, evidence has surfaced that Abdullah has a distant yet disturbing connection to Nolen and even the Boston bombers.

Less than two months prior to the Boston Marathon bombings, Abdullah tweeted a video of Suhaib Webb. At the time, Webb was the Imam of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC), the same mosque the Tsarnaev brothers attended.

Recent evidence suggests that Nolen attended the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (ISGOC), which Webb serves as Imam over.

According to an interview with FOX News Channel’s Megyn Kelly, an ex-member of the OKC mosque claims Webb is extremely deceptive, and absolutely supported acts of terrorism, including Palestinian suicide bombings. The man also claimed that Webb preached that unbelievers should be given the opportunity to convert to Islam, but should be killed if they refused.Chiefs Player Abdullah's Eerie Connection to Oklahoma Beheader and Boston Bombers

Chiefs Player Abdullah's Eerie Connection to Oklahoma Beheader and Boston Bombers

While Abdullah may have never crossed paths with any of the murdering jihadists Webb helped to mold, he is one of the admirers and students of this same teacher that helped to inspire them.

Abdullah was so moved by Webb’s preaching that he was a guest author onSuhaibWebb.com:

This is Husain Abdullah and I’ll be joining SuhaibWebb.com for the Month of Ramadan. I’ve been blessed with this privilege mainly because I’m a professional athlete but I’d like to think it’s because I’m a decent human being. I went to Washington State University and graduated in 2008 with a Sociology degree, then moved on to play football in the NFL from 2008-2011 with the Minnesota Vikings.

Chiefs Player Abdullah's Eerie Connection to Oklahoma Beheader and Boston Bombers

So, is he at least guilty by association, or is this just an unfortunate coincidence that Abdullah has refused to acknowledge or explain?

Abdullah proved his commitment to Islam by leaving the NFL in 2011 to make the religious trek to Mecca.

Some argue that Abdullah’s decision to fall on his face in the end zone was insensitive and badly timed.

The question remains did Abdullah remember that a woman was beheaded just days before he decided to pray in the end zone, or was this merely an impromptu expression of his faith? Either way, it’s odd that he has scored before without falling to the ground in reverence.

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