CHILD ABUSE: Idiot Parents Support ‘Transgender’ Change… For a 7 Year Old Child

Does it seem like more transgender kids keep sprouting up each year? Because there are now more “transgender” children than ever before. Making transgender people de-facto heroes in our pop culture could be one reason for the spike. Widespread child “awareness” is encouraged in the hopes that you’ll be lucky enough to have one to add to your All Inclusive Kid collection. That’s why trans kids are always thrown in front of a camera. Quick question: if a boy puts on a skirt in a women’s bathroom and nobody is around to film it, is he still transgender? Of course he is, you bigot.

This 7-year-old boy-girl is a great example of society’s recent move to emblazon transgenderism as heroic. (S)he started “transitioning” at six. As in 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years on planet Earth. The parents promptly corrected his behavior. Just kidding, they went to BBC News and got a mini-documentary started to commemorate the occasion. Now “Lily’s” most personal, embarrassing details have been globally publicized. #Memories

(Lily on wearing a skirt): Well it felt a bit natural, but mostly embarrassing because the tights were making me itch a lot. It stopped becoming embarrassing after a while.

Is anybody actually listening to this kid? He’s complaining about being uncomfortable. There is no light bulb of the tranny kind moment here. He’s not saying “After I put on the skirt, everything clicked and it felt right.” What he did say is “It stopped being embarrassing after a while.” Yeah, that’s what happens when you lose your last semblance of dignity, kid. You tuck your willy between your legs and move on. This is child abuse. He’s being emotionally prepared for castration. By his parents. One day, he’ll realize it.

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Here’s another point we need to address: Ever notice that every single transgender child’s parent acts like they have no control over what their kid does? Newsflash: kids think weird crap. There’s a reason we don’t let them make lifelong decisions when they’re seven or eight. Heck, I knew an eight year old who wanted to grow up to be an alligator. Trans-speciesism? No. IMAGINATION? Yes. Though he did develop horrible psoriasis. So in the end, I suppose he got his wish after all. You the parent, are supposed to set the rules for the children. Not the other way around.

No, instead of parenting, these people ran to the school administration and threw an LGBT informational assembly for the kids… To discuss transgenderism, genitalia, open-mindedness. Things every tolerant kindergartner should know about. More importantly, the kids were ordered not to bully Lily. No matter how ridiculous he looks.

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We then had a skirt day, as we called it, skirt day, where the headteacher did an assembly. Talked about people being different and and accepting people’s differences and then the younger children went out, she showed a diagram of what it means to be in a boy’s body but have a girl’s brain. And that Lily has chosen to now be Lily in school and will be wearing skirts. Lily came into school after the assembly, everyone clapped…

Lily’s mother is simply tickled pink about all this. Her boy has a long life of confusion, emotional issues, relationship problems, genital mutilation, and being pumped full of hormones to look forward to. Truly, the leftist dream. But don’t take my word for it…

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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