CHILLING: Look What Just Happened to Man Who Kept Syringe Near Hillary at All Times

Pictures and videos have circulated the Internet for some time about Hillary Clinton’s declining health. Now a man has been photographed on numerous occasions near the democratic presidential nominee with a syringe that looks almost like a pen.

The man had been photographed before close to her and is allegedly a secret service agent. But he perhaps is on the campaign trail for a different reason. To be Hillary Clinton’s health handler. Over a week ago he was outed by the media and now he is being talked about again.

At a town hall event on August 4th onlookers and social media users noted that Hillary Clinton appeared to freeze up in the middle of talking and not appear to know where she was at the time. As soon as it happend secret service agents appeared on stage. The handler them held onto her and spoke to her. Which uncharacteristic of secret service agents and against protocol. Making people wonder if he really is a secret service agent after all.

An expert in secret service protocol has commented that a secret service agent would never speak or touch a person they were protecting the way that man did. Making it highly unlikely he is a secret service agent at all. Most likley he is simply a well trusted aid.

Mike Cernovich noted that the man was seen carrying a diazepam pen which is used in the treatment of people with seizures. He can be seen carrying it while escorting Hillary Clinton. After these allegations surfaced he mysteriously disappeared from the campaign trail and many believe he was fired or let go.

Either way it is very clear that either she is physically and mentally unfit to serve as president or she is negligent in her past experience. Either way she doesn’t deserve to be president.

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