CHILLING: Obama Makes Announcement About World Order

There has always been talk about Obama and his seemingly obvious love for one world order. Which of course is all thing anti-American! Some call it a conspiracy, others call it a truth. Now he has said something that will be a lot harder for nay sayers to file under pure conspiracy.

It’s been just two weeks since Trump took non-believing Americans by surprise and won the election against Democrat, Hillary Clinton. Fools..didn’t even see it coming, and how could they?

The ENTIRE system they have relied on all these years to know who was most likely to win, had completely failed them, and they were left in utter agony trying to figure out how their feet got pulled out from under them.

Obviously they aren’t over it yet either because now they are calling for things to change, for the electoral vote not to matter, and claiming that Trump is not their President.

News Flash morons…he will be, and there is nothing you can do about it, but wait. Wait and see just how much nonsense you are pulling off now for no reason. When America becomes great again, they will have quite a few words to swallow.

Of course, there will always be haters, but… when America is great again, the haters can feel free to get matching jackets and form a club for all we care. Because..they don’t matter.

However, what does matter is Obama’s stunning words recently in Peru.

Check this out:

That’s right. The man was speaking in Peru, our so called President, and he took it upon himself while there to actually fire shots at his own country that HE represents…

“fallen short of our ideals” ???

Yes, under OBAMA’s rule, we have…because he created that type of thinking in the first place. The chaos before us now, is all a result of a leader that lead from behind, is selfish, and only ever cared about being a President for Democrats and their liberal maniacs. He didn’t give a flying flip for any of us, that had different opinions or thoughts and ideas for our great country. He only cared about his own…and sometimes sadly, Hollywood’s.

What a lame duck.

How sickening that he is trying to shame this great country JUST because he didn’t get his own way, and even more disgusting that he is once again conforming to other country’s and their needs while turning a blind eye to his own. Pandering fool!

Sorry if the ideals of America don’t fit in for your love of world order Obama! Just kidding I’m not sorry at all.

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