Video has been released of a terrifying incident that took place at an upscale New Jersey shopping mall.

The video shows four thugs stalking and eventually killing a 30-year-old white lawyer.

They butchered the attorney, Dustin Friedland, in front of his wife in the middle of the sidewalk. (H/T Defund)

Security footage was recently obtained and released by the widow’s lawyer after a judge shot down the mall’s lawyer’s request to keep the video “under wraps.”

The killers were shown on the security footage three days before the actual murder took place, performing “dry runs” and testing mall security, which was essentially non-existent.

The same vehicle was spotted exactly three nights later. Presumably the killers were trolling the parking lot and carefully picking their target.

Friedland and his wife were walking out to their vehicle, presumably with arms full of gifts, when they were picked by the team of thug killers.

Friedland’s only crime was that he has a good job and drives a nice vehicle, a Range Rover.

What this shows is that black-on-white violent crime, which is a continuous problem in this country, is not covered by media and doesn’t get the attention that it almost always deserves.

A white police officer in Ferguson, Mo. can justifiably shoot a black man in the line of duty, and it gets three months of continuous media coverage and White House involvement.

But four professional black killers take out a white lawyer at a mall in cold blood and nothing is said.

Where are men like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Jesse Jackson when a group of black thugs takes out an innocent white man for no reason other than greed?

Where is the national media when a chilling incident like this takes place?


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