Chinese President Leaves Meeting With Trump Terrified After Airstrike, Look What He Did Immediately

In addition to sending a clear message to Assad, many have speculated that President Trump’s airstrikes in Syria were done as a way to put China on notice as well. After arriving in Mar-a-Largo to meet with Trump for dinner, Chinese President Xi had to wait for over an hour, getting the memo that the America president had just ordered a tomahawk missile strike and would be joining him shortly. Now it appears as though the Chinese president had the crap scared out of him that night, and realizing America now has a leader with a set of balls, is doing everything in his power to kiss Trump’s ass in order to avoid any future quarrels with America.

Amid the smiles and flashing lights of media cameras over the weekend, Trump’s meeting with Chinese officials during the two-day summit was tense, as Trump attempted to mend US relationships with China. His campaign throughout the 2016 election was strident with anti-China rhetoric, which had reportedly angered the Chinese state.

But 88.5 tons of steel in the form of 59 Tomahawk missiles was apparently enough “diplomacy” to get Trump’s point across to the Chinese that he’s not all talk like his predecessor. Within hours after our US Navy destroyers launched the missiles illuminating the night sky, the Chinese president came back with an unprecedented offer for President Trump.

As Rueters reported late Sunday night, China made an offer to Trump, offering him “better market access for financial sector investments and U.S. beef exports to help avert a trade war,” and is also planning to work on a 100-day plan together that will completely benefit the Untied States.

“China was prepared to (raise the investment ceilings) in the BIT but those negotiations were put on hold (after Trump’s election victory),” the Financial Times  reported citing a Chinese official involved in the talks.

During the Talks, President Trump also pressed President Xi to do more to curb North Korea’s nuclear program, and the two agreed to a 100-day plan for trade talks aimed at boosting U.S. exports and reducing the gaping U.S. trade deficit with Beijing.

Over the past 8 years Obama transformed America into the laughing stock of the world as he made meaningless threats about red lines being drawn in the sand while at the same time kissing the asses of our enemies. Now the world is getting a harsh dose of reality with a new sheriff in town, and world leaders are now quickly realizing that America is being led by a new president with an enormous set of balls.

H/T [Reuters]


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