Chris Kyle Was Right Years Ago About With What He Said About Radical Muslims


American Sniper,” based on the life of special operator Chris Kyle, has set incredible records at the box office and been enjoyed by millions of Americans.

However, the film, and Kyle himself, has received quite a bit of criticism from liberals who have called Kyle a murderer and racist.

The charge of racism comes largely from Kyle’s use of the term “savages” to describe the radical Islamic terrorists he faced in the war.

What the critics conveniently ignore is the fact that Kyle was very clear that the term only referred to the radicals he fought, not the general population of innocent and un-involved Iraqis.

Neverthless, Kyle was absolutely correct in terming those people “savages,” as the world clearly saw the other day when the barbaric and savage Islamic State terrorists brutally and sadistically burned a Jordanian pilot alive while he was trapped inside of a cage like an animal.

If this one incident stood alone as the only barbaric act committed by the radical Islamists, then the critics might be right in questioning Kyle’s use of the term “savages” to describe them.

Unfortunately, the horrific act was just the latest escalation in the increasingly savage behavior exhibited by the radical Muslims, who have become well known for savagely chopping off, and sometimes actually slowly sawing off, the heads of their victims.

But it isn’t even just the burning alive of the Jordanian, or the beheading of captives either.

These “savages” have also indiscriminately raped women and children, sold them into slavery, and forced them to watch or participate in their brutality. They have even strapped bombs to children and forced them to become suicide bombers.

In addition to that, they have looted and pillaged entire towns, driving thousands of innocent men, women and children into the inhospitable deserts and mountains, only to surround and contain them in the wilderness, leaving them to slowly starve to death.

All of that is in addition to the choice of forced conversion or brutal execution offered to Christians, Jews and other minority religious sects.

So yes, liberals, the term “savages” is quite apt for the radical Muslims who are rampaging throughout thegreater Middle East and threatening the rest of civilized society.

Perhaps when they stop acting savagely we can stop referring to them as savages.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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