Liberals Are PISSED Off After Chris Kyle’s Muslim Interpreter Shuts Them All The Hell Up Over Muslim Nation Ban

The executive orders handed down by President Trump have made enormous waves. The most controversial of them is the barring of entry of immigrants from certain countries for ninety days. This ban is for the following countries, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia. Interpreters are included in the ban, people who work for the American military in Iraq.

Johnny Walker has decided to speak out about it. He was Chris Kyle’s interpreter in Iraq during the Iraq War. Walker stated the following about the order that President Trump handed down,

“I agree 100% with President Trump’s decision. The national security of the United States is a paramount issue. All President Trump is doing is ensuring that people can go about their day without living in so much fear.

Women won’t have to worry about walking around the mall; kids won’t have to worry about going to the school. Look, these countries don’t have a database that keeps track of its citizens. And we can’t depend on a government database in countries that do because if they have one it has a political agenda behind it.”


Walker explained that what people do to Americans in Iraq and Syria is enough evidence for why a temporary ban should be in place. Describing how it is a matter of protection for national security to enact such a ban. Read what he said about it here,

“Besides, the government of Iraq is involved with the militia who gets all their support from Iran, the number-one state sponsor of terrorism. ISIS has a haven in Libya. Al-Shabaab is in Somalia and has pledged their allegiance to ISIS. Iran has several terrorist groups affiliated with it. Yemen has Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the militia. And in Sudan, Hamas raises money for terrorism and has a presence. The bottom line is this: Americans need to understand that this is for national security.”


However, he also explained that linguists, interpreters, and soldiers need to be protected as well. That those who sacrifice themselves and give loyalty to America should not be penalized for being of another faith or nationality. He said,

“But we also need to be concerned with the interpreters, linguists, and soldiers who worked shoulder-by-shoulder with the U.S. to fight against terrorists. There are thousands of translators and friendly forces over there who earned the right to come to America. They’ve all become targets to groups like ISIS because they worked with America. They made many sacrifices in doing so, they deserve a second chance.”


He emphasized that those who gave America their loyalty deserve to be protected because militants of ISIS will kill not only someone they deem to be treasonous but also their entire family. Ultimately he supported the President and his decision and explained that it will prevent terrorism and the death of innocents.

An Iraqi translator no less said these things.


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