Chris Wallace: “Trump Is Our Most Popular President-Elect EVER!” (VIDEO)

Chris Wallace came to the mainstream liberal medias attention during one of the final Presidential debates. He was hailed as one of the most unbiased and professional journalists of all while moderating. Now he is making waves again. He discussed President Obama’s diminishing legacy on his show and explained how President Elect Trump has become more popular than any other President Elect in modern history.

Wallace noted that he has been covering President Elect’s since the Ronald Reagan administration. He went on to say that the President Elect Trump era is completley different than any other administration he has ever reported on. One claim he made that is sure to cause controversy is when he said that President Elect Trump is more of the President right now than the actual sitting President is.

Wallace said that Trump has been discussing what his policies will be with China, with job creation, with environmental policy and economic stimulus. And people are listening to him.

Most importantly, he said that President Elect Trump is not waiting until he takes the oath of office to begin his work.

Watch the interaction Wallace had with his guest here,

There were some strong reactions on Twitter to this, see some of them here.

Thus far, he has attended the Army versus Navy football game which many hail as a patriotic show of support that President Obama has never done. He has negotiated a $50 million trade deal with a Japanese corporation to keep their jobs here in America. He has also been in the process of finishing all of his phone calls with the major leaders of the world.

Many people hold on to these smaller things that they feel President Obama has let fall through the cracks. Something as simple as going to the Army versus Navy game is something to many Americans shows support for our armed forced in a way the former president has not. And it means the world to them.

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