Christian Church Has Advice For White People- “10 Ways You Can Actively Reject Your White Privilege”


If you’ve listened to progressive Democrat’s talk politics or heard a feminist speak the words white privilege most likely came up. Most people laugh the absurd ideology off but their are others who take it to heart. The United Church of Christ has tapped into and drank the white privilege koolaide.

The church is a significantly large mainstream Protestant denomination of Christianity. They recently posted a rather scandalous and cringe worthy social media statement. They posted a picture meme titled, “10 Ways You Can Actively Reject Your White Privilege.” The ten rules are as follows:


If you are of the belief no matter what someone days they are racist it really doesn’t matter what they do because everything they do in your mind will be inadequate. Such is the case here.

If anything the people who benefit the most off the oppression of minorities is the Democratic Party. They specifically pray on the African American, Hispanic and female demographic to win elections by pandering to them as the fixer of all their problems.

But if these minority groups had no problems Democrat’s would be out of the job. In the long run they are better served perpetuating the ridiculous white privilege ideology to instill a sense of white inferiority that fuels minorities to vote Democrat.