After several Christian bakery owners have faced legal action for refusing to make cakes for gay couples, and one woman even lost her business, one man thought it would be interesting to investigate what would happen if he flipped the script and asked several pro-gay bakeries to make a pro-traditional marriage cake.

The argument made by those believing that Christian-owned bakeries should be forced to provide services to gay patrons is that everyone should be treated equally in the name of “marriage equality,” and business owners should not be allowed to force their personal views and opinions onto others.

As you will soon see, however, the same logic doesn’t quite work out so well when applied in reverse.

Theodore Shoebat from, decided to test the logic of “marriage equality,” by calling around to 13 different pro-gay bakeries to see if he could get a cake made for his “pro-traditional marriage celebration.”

Not only did every single bakery deny his request, but many hurled insults and obscenities at him. One woman finally agreed to make him a baked item, but stated that she would make one with a large phallus on it.

 “I mean if you want to be ignorant and a bigot, then sure… I’ll make it for you. I’ll put a big dick on it too,” the angry lesbian said.

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The common response he received was that they would not make a cake because they “did not support or believe in that.”

So how is this any different than a Christian bakery refusing to make cakes for gay couples? Why is it that gay businesses get special exemptions and are allowed to refuse service based on a customers’ sexual or religious preferences? Why is it that Christian business continually get attacked for refusing to violate their principles and beliefs?

If they truly believe in “marriage equality,” shouldn’t that mean inclusion for everyone, despite what your personal feelings or beliefs are?

Courtesy of Mad World News

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