Ex Ted Cruz Edorser Phil Robertson From Duck Dynasty Humiliates and BLASTS Ted Cruz ‘Get over it, You Lost…!’ (VIDEO)

Reality television star and Judgemental Christian Phil Robertson had some choice words for Senator Ted Cruz of Texas at the RNC. The star of Duck Dynasty didn’t have nice things to say to the former presidential hopeful after his comments during his speech at the RNC where he refused to endorse Trump.

I mean give me a break Ted, go ahead and endorse the man. I mean, you lost, he won,” he said on a Fox and Friends segment of Fox News.

He went on,

I love that dude but all the guys who lost and gals, they all need to swallow their pride and say the people [and] the Republican Party has said Donald Trump is the man we want in the White House.” 

Robertson himself was a strong Cruz supporter before he lost and Donald a Trump won. He added that he has learned an exceptional amount of information about politics that he didn’t know before while attending the convention.

He said,

So I’m learning about politics as I’m going, and I think maybe the key word is they need to learn how to forgive each other and let’s move on.”

His sentiments echo some of the sentiments of other endorsers of previous candidates and politicians. Many feel that the candidates should simply endorse Trump now that he is the Republican nominee. While others feel that it is immoral and unethical to endorse Trump and refuse to do so. Cruz has refused to do so and indicated in an interview that Trump’s attacks on his wife Heidi and his father were a key decision in why he refused to endorse. Saying he wasn’t in the business of endorsing those who attack his family.

Regardless of ones opinion of Cruz we must respect the staunts loyalty he has to his family and his unwillingness to fall in line with the bullies who say he must endorse.

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