Christianity Is Under Attack In America! New DNC Leaked Emails Reveal…

The Wikileaks email release has revealed some more disturbing facts about the Democratic National Committee. One email thread has many of us worrying about our religious freedom. Yup, we’re talking to you Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

According to some of the emails, Mike Gehrke whose a Vice President of the Benenson Strategy Group was in contact with Luis Miranda the DNC communications director as well as Deputy communications director Mark Paustenbach.

Gehrke said his colleague Amy Levin was involved with a group known as the Movement Advancement Project several years ago. The project was created with the intent of trying to get around religious freedom laws. Gehrke attempted to try and set up a meeting with DNC officials to present his work. They met on May 16th at 1pm.

letter 1

letter 2

The Movement Advancement Project which is known as MAP is an LGBT non profit think tank that specifically specializes in and focuses on developing persuasion tactics.

The website itself says,

“MAP’s work helps educate and persuade public audiences (such as policymakers, allied organizations and funders, media and the American public) and helps support LGBT movement audiences (including LGBT organizations and advocates, and LGBT funders).

Public Audiences By articulating the need for change and outlining solutions in a comprehensive and compelling way, MAP enables these audiences to better understand the need for change, become motivated to act, and take effective action: 

Policymakers can better understand the challenges facing LGBT Americans, feel more compelled to take action, and more effectively advocate for solutions that best achieve equality. Allied Organizations & Funders can gain a better sense of how LGBT issues intersect with their existing work and funding, feel more compelled to act in favor of LGBT equality, and have a better sense of how to take effective action.

Media can better understand the issues facing LGBT Americans, feel more compelled to cover LGBT issues in ways that build public understanding, and better articulate what needs to happen to achieve equality. 

The American Public can better understand the challenges facing LGBT Americans, become more supportive of LGBT people and issues, and take greater action to achieve equality and end social stigma. As you can see, policymakers are at the top of the list. And who better to work to change Religious Freedom Laws?”

The company takes in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. It has accepted grants  that target religious exemptions. It shouldn’t be shocking at all the Democrats attempt to undermine our religious liberty.

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