POWERFUL! Look What Hundreds Of Christians Just Did For Donald Trump

The presidential election brought about a lot of violence that nobody liked. It was Republicans who felt the brunt of it, especially during anti-Trump rallies. People are worried now more than ever what will happen at the inauguration. If somebody is going to try and pull something, that’s when they’ll do it.

Media outlets are now reporting that hundreds of prayer warriors have descended into Washington D.C. to try and help Donald Trump. They reportedly are creating a prayer shield around him during his Friday inauguration. Members of this group include a group called POTUS Shield. They gathered inside the National Press Club this past Thursday. CBN News reported on the entire thing. Watch.

Pastor Eric Majette indicated that the group is composed of pastors from all over the United States. The Pastor himself is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He told reporters the following,

We’re actually a prayer group. We pray for leaders across our nation — a group of pastors come together to pray for our nation and our leaders, particularly the new administration.”

They will not be alone as millions of Americans across the country pray for the president-elect and a smooth transition. Considering the fact that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be performing there, plenty of people with faith will be there to bless it all. It is why after all there is a prayer breakfast prior to the inauguration to pray for guidance for the president-elect and his administration. Every president needs as much help as they can possibly get.

Here’s to hoping the next four to eight years bring peace, prosperity, growth, and a meeting of minds. After everything President Elect Donald Trump has accomplished, he surely can achieve those things. Especially with Vice President-Elect Mike Pence and his dutiful advisors by his side.

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