Mad World News reported earlier this month about an atheist Billboard that stated, “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales.” American Atheists, a group based out of New Jersey, was aiming to gain the attention of “in-the-closet atheists” and ensure that they didn’t feel the pressure of having to attend a religious service during the holiday season.

What This Billboard Says Is Sure To INFURIATE All Christians This Christmas

David Johnson, the Christian owner of Johnson Nursery in Willard, North Carolina, has an epic response to this unsettling message with his own business’s billboard. His response is flawless, as he avoids attacking the atheists and their message.

He simply reminds people what Christmas is actually all about. As The Blaze reported, “The billboard features a silhouette version of the nativity, with the words ‘Merry Christmas’ boldly displayed; ‘Christ’ is underlined to place emphasis on the religious nature of the holiday.” This is a simple message that coincides with the beliefs of Christianity.


Johnson said that he wasn’t the only individual who was upset over the American Atheists billboard, as many employees at his company felt the same way. He explained to WECT-TV, “We hear holiday this and season that, but rarely Christmas.” His employees were even offering cash to help pay for the billboard when he announced his plans.

His billboard isn’t the only Christian response to the American Atheists. Grace Church in Arkansas also designed their own billboard, “welcoming individuals with questions and doubts to attend the house of worship.” The profound part of both of these Christian responses is that neither of them are “attacking” or “pushing” their Christian beliefs on any possible atheists, but rather opening up their hearts to individuals who seek God.


For people who may have lost their way or believe in something different, there is nothing other than prayer that can help them. It’s comforting to know that Americans still stand strong with our Christian beliefs, even as PC liberals continue to chastise the religion.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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