This Christmas Picture of George W. Bush Shows How Classy He Truly Is


President George W. Bush may have been retired for the past six years, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t kept busy bringing smiles to people’s faces.

He has also remained exceptionally classy in regards to the constant criticism and blame he gets from President Obama and the left.

Bush has always been looked upon favorably by our troops, as they knew he always had their back, even as he sent them into harm’s way, where some would inevitably be killed or wounded.

Those wounded warriors, veterans, and 9/11 heroes have seen that they have a friend in Bush, who goes out of his way to honor them at every opportunity.

Bush has also routinely taken the time to visit the sick and forgotten in hospitals, like the Dallas hospital that was ground zero for this fall’s Ebola virus outbreak.

It was one of these hospital visits that has garnered the public’s attention recently, as Twitchy has shared the reactions to Bush showing up at the Dallas Children’s Medical Center, dressed as Santa Claus, with absolutely no media fanfare.

Bush Santa tweet 1


Some people took a closer look at the picture, and noticed something quite amusing in the background.

Bush Santa tweet 3

Yes, in fact, at least one of President Bush’s Secret Service detail did indeed dress up as an “elf”.

Secret Service Elf's!
Secret Service Elf’s!

Even those who disliked Bush’s policies were compelled to admit that he is a genuinely good person, who truly does care about others.

Bush Santa tweet 5

Some even wondered if any other Presidents have ever done something like this.

Bush Santa tweet 6

Sadly, if Obama were to do this, he would likely come off more as the Grinch than Santa.  Likewise, President Clinton would be an awfully creepy Santa, one that would compel most parents to decline allowing their children to sit on his lap.

Whether you personally liked him or not, and whether you agreed with his policies or not, there is no debate that former President George W. Bush is truly a class act that puts other people before himself, in a genuine way that eschews the limelight of the media.

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