TRUMP WAS RIGHT! CIA Agent Who Worked For Obama Confirms HORRIFIC Muslim Agenda!

A former CIA official is now whistleblowing on the corrupt actions of the Obama administration. She is risking her entire career to do so. Her name is Claire Lopez and she is well respected in the intelligence community. She worked for over two decades in the field and under the Reagan administration. Now she is the manager of the Center for Security Policy. She manages the counter-jihad and shariah programs.

She claims Obama is the reason America completely switched sides during the war on terror. Now she claims the administration funded the Muslim Brotherhood under him. She was seriously concerned about the President and his motivations about foreign policy decisions.

She said the war on terror was working until the former President started making drastic changes that showed support for the Muslim Brotherhood and their jihad interests. The war on terror sought to free everyone from radical shariah law and terror. She insists the war was working until Obama began to let them slide.

Lopez also said that the President did not want to kill Osama Bin Laden but instead he wanted to in-prison him but that the appearance of impropriety was too great to allow him to live. She said,

“Israel fought enemies on all sides to remain free, secure and Jewish, America began to move away from Israel and toward its Muslim enemies. And, as Iran moved inexorably toward a deliverable nuclear weapons capability, America helped.”

The root of the President and his plan was simple she stated it was to do the following,

“to remove American power and influence, including military forces, from Islamic lands.”

Clearly, we now can understand why the President failed miserably at quelling international radical jihad terrorism. He was working hand in hand with them to go easy on them. While not shocking it is certainly saddening.

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