Cigar Lounge Has GREATEST Idea For Kaepernick Jerseys! We LOVE it!

A cigar lounge gave the perfect response to Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem. The lounge joined you sands of other Americans who have expressed their displeasure with his recent antics. Look at the photos below.

The cigar shop is located in League City. It’s called the “Man Cave” on Marine Bay Drive in Texas. The owner has duct taped Kaepernick’s number seven jersey right outside their primary main entrance. Perfectly placed for customers to use as a doormat. One customer took a photo of the statement that was being used basically as a make shift doormat and posted it to social media for the world to see.


It received 45,000 shares and pretty much went viral immediately. The owner of the establishment told the media that the jersey has been there since September 2nd. They have absolutely no intention of removing to jersey anytime in the near future. Owner Jim Herdon told reporters this about his spur of the moment decision,

It just got kicked around a lot. So we just decided, we’ll just tape it down and kinda just stuck. Literally, it stuck to the sidewalk. It stuck and it’s gone viral online.”

Herdon made zero apologies for his actions and denounced the internet trolls who gave him a hard time. He has received a lot of hate messages as a result of what he did and many have deliberately left false bad reviews of the business on social media sites simply because they disagree with what he did.

He responded by saying,

There’s all kinds of ways to talk about the injustices going on in this nation and in the world. But that was his idea; this is us.”

Herdon certainly knew he might get this kind of backlash. A public statement always receives positive and negative feedback. But it certainly seems as though he does not care. He is willing to stand by his convictions on this one.

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