Citizens Armed With AR-15s Went To Texas Police Dept — Do Something EPIC

Two days after the murders of several Dallas police officers private citizens stood outside numerous police department stations with AR-15s defending the law enforcement officers. Everyone is cheering them on.

The Montgomery County Police Reporters, Roger Tarrant, Paul Wilson and James Evans were e ones defending the Patron Village Police Department as they stood guard. For a time, they also stood outside the City of Splendora Police Department. Passerby’s honked their horns in approval. Others stopped and took photos and selfies to personally thank them for their kind act of service.

The three men received so much support that people dropped off food and bottled water. So many people donated, everything began to stack up on the hoods of all their pickup trucks.

The traffic got so bad because people were stopping to greet the men the police department had to go to their Facebook page to urge residents to not stop their cars and keep moving in order to diminish the traffic congestion.

Evans spoke to reporters saying,

“I wanted to show police that civilians stood by them, that they aren’t alone. I am tired of seeing officers slain for doing their job.”

Surely the police officers noticed these men’s gestures. These men’s actions spoke louder than any words. They reminded our law enforcement officers that blue lives matter too. Which so often they unfortunately are not reminded of. Especially given the divisive rancor that comes from the progressive left and radical hate groups such as Black Lives Matter.

During this tragic time of darkness in our country it is men like this that remind us what an amazing country we live in. More than anything, no matter how much darkness we must face as a nation their is always light to remind us of the goodness in humanity.

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