Claims Surface Of New ‘World’s Deadliest Sniper’ Beating Chris Kyle’s Record


Now that the majority of Americans know the story of heroic Chris Kyle, new reports are claiming he may have been dethroned as the “world’s deadliest sniper.” According to reports, a Royal Marine sniper from the UK may have just topped Kyle’s 160 kills with a staggering 173 confirmed.

As if this isn’t shocking enough, 90 of those kills the British sniper is said to have, occurred in just one day. Furthermore, the majority of his kills all took place in one six month block of time during a tour in 2006/7 as reported by the Mail Online.

Move Over Chris Kyle: Claims Surface Of New ‘World’s Deadliest Sniper’

The claims were released by Sun, stating that they received their information regarding the active duty corporal from an unidentified source. According to the publication, the source claimed:

He is not interested in scores or kill counts. He took no satisfaction in the job he had to do.

Because he saw the enemy as humans he has not struggled emotionally or psychologically with what has happened.

He had a unique job at a unique time. He must be the most lethal sniper in the world. But that is not a title he would seek out or revel in.

As previously noted, the majority of the sniper’s kills took place early in the war in Afghanistan, during Operation Herrick V, while serving with the Brigade Reconnaissance Forces in Helmand Province. At that time, soldiers could fire upon any enemy at any time.

Move Over Chris Kyle: Claims Surface Of New ‘World’s Deadliest Sniper’

Also, the sniper took out 90 Taliban members within a stronghold in just a single day.

The rules of engagement shortly thereafter changed and only allowed them to fire upon enemies to prevent an imminent attack or those who were firing upon them. This is when the sniper’s kills took a massive dip.

The source then reportedly stated:

He will never talk about it unless he is challenged directly, then he is never boastful of what has happened — but he is not ashamed either.

Every shot was judged and balanced, not indiscriminate. He always saw the men between the cross hairs as humans not as targets.

Like all snipers he had to be in a place where his concentration was absolute. Nothing mattered, not the cold, not the discomfort of the ground, just the job.

According to The Sun, this Royal Marine’s kill count could be much higher, since not all kills were confirmed, but the same can be said of Chris Kyle’s 160 enemy kills.

Move Over Chris Kyle: Claims Surface Of New ‘World’s Deadliest Sniper’

Despite this new claim, Chris Kyle still remains America’s deadliest sniper and worthy of the title “hero.”

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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