BREAKING: Clarence Thomas Announces Huge Inauguration Surprise!

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence will be taking the oath of office next Friday and he just got a great surprise he will surely never forget. Turns out, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will be the one swearing him into office. Thomas will be the first African American justice to swear in a Vice President or President.

His duties entail administering the oath of office to the incoming vice president. Which means it is Chief Justice John Roberts who will be swearing in President Elect Trump. Back in 2009, it was justice John Paul Stevens who swore in Vice President Biden. While Justice Sonia Sotomayor did it in 2013.

Thomas is 68 years old and one of the conservative members of the court. He spoke last month to the Federalist Society about the dangers of Justices who try and legislate from the bench. He said,

Today it is the view of many that the Supreme Court is the giver of liberties — what an odd conception of governance that ‘We the People’ are dependent on the third branch of government to grant us our freedom.”

Which means that some justices view the Constitution as a living breathing document and change the rulings according to the times. People such as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Unfortunately this can become a unchecked power which as Thomas says allows justices to go beyond what the founding fathers meant. He said,

With such unchecked judicial power, we leave it for the least accountable branch to decide what newly discovered rights should be appended to our Constitution.”

This is a philosophy Mike Pence shares and did so back in 2010 when he wasn’t a congressman stating that the presidency had drifted far from the original source. Clearly, the two will be in good company when the swearing-in takes place.

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