The ‘Clearest 9/11’ Video Goes Viral – WOW!


Nearly fifteen years after the tragedy, new footage of the September 11 attacks is going viral.

The crystal clear footage was actually published back in February of 2013 on YouTube, but didn’t go viral until it was posted on the website Reddit recently. It was described as the “clearest 9/11 video” anyone has ever seen, and it fits the description.

Who knows how the media never got their hands on footage of this quality yet, but here is the video. As you can imagine, the video contains extremely graphic content:

Here is the timeline of events in the video:

00:00 – About 19 seconds after first plane hit the North Tower at approx. 8:46:25 a.m. Filmed from school yard of the Independence School (P.S. 234), at Greenwich Street. Recording starts at 8:46:44 a.m. Time uncertainty was assigned by NIST with 1 second for each CUMULUS clip.

01:48 – First and loud “KNOCK” or “DUP” noise. Comes maybe from the damaged building structure, either from the impact zone or Hat Truss region. For further similar noises in the time span between the plane strikes, see video markings 02:43, 03:00, 03:5504:08, 04:42, 06:28, 07:17, 07:26, 07:54, 08:1208:23, 09:1009:12, 09:20, 09:25, 09:31, 09:47, 09:50.

11:22 – Second impact missed. Recording starts at 9:04:28 a.m..

15:06 – South Tower collapse begins with a loud rumble noise at around 9:58:56 a.m. (1 uncertain second and minus 2 seconds sound-wave delay). Dust clouds enveloping the streets around WTC site.

21:27 – People start to jump from windows of WTC1 west face, at 95th floor as fire had reached the west side, around 10:06:08 a.m.. More jumpers can be observed between 21:5623:04 (10:06:54 a.m. to 10:08:10 a.m.).

23:04 – First recording by the videographer of a F-15 fighter jet over Manhattan (clip starts at 10:08:34 a.m.).

23:23 – Collapse of North Tower mostly missed. Audio is missing, too. Dust plumes enveloping the street for the second time.

25:21 – Failed to tape the destruction of WTC Building 7. Recording starts at 5:21:20 p.m..