Cleveland Police Union Asks For Suspension Of ‘Open Carry’ In Wake Of Baton Rouge, Ahead Of RNC

The head of the police union in Cleveland is calling for Governor Kasich to ban open carry at the GOP convention in the wake of three officers being murdered today in Baton Rouge.

I’m not a fan of Kasich… he’s far too Progressive for my tastes. But he got this one right. Kasich, responding to the request, said: “Ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested.”

That’s exactly right. Constitutional rights are not subject to the whims of politicians. I’m not thrilled with the New Black Panthers being armed at the shindig in Cleveland this week… but they have the Second Amendment right to be armed as long as they don’t commit a crime. This pushing for an executive order every time things get rough or you want something, is simply tyrannical in nature and anti-American at its core.

From CNN:

Cleveland, Ohio (CNN) The head of Cleveland’s largest police union is calling on Ohio Gov. John Kasich to temporarily restrict the state’s open carry gun laws during this week’s Republican National Convention following Sunday’s shooting in Louisiana that killed three officers and wounded at least three others.

“We are sending a letter to Gov. Kasich requesting assistance from him. He could very easily do some kind of executive order or something — I don’t care if it’s constitutional or not at this point,” Stephen Loomis, president of Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, told CNN. “They can fight about it after the RNC or they can lift it after the RNC, but I want him to absolutely outlaw open-carry in Cuyahoga County until this RNC is over.”

State law in Ohio allows for licensed firearm owners to wear their weapons in public. With the exception of a small “secure zone” inside and around the Quicken Loans Arena, residents, delegates and protesters are legally permitted to walk around the city — including within its 1.7 square mile regulated “event zone” — with any firearm not explicitly banned by the state.

Loomis also said officers would begin ramping up inspections and oversight over anyone who is holstering a weapon entering the downtown area, where the Republican convention is scheduled to begin on Monday.”

Now, that I agree with… it is the prudent thing to do with the possibility of violence being so real there.

We are going to be looking very, very hard at anyone who has an open carry,” he said. “An AR-15, a shotgun, multiple handguns. It’s irresponsible of those folks — especially right now — to be coming downtown with open carry AR’s or anything else. I couldn’t care less if it’s legal or not. We are constitutional law enforcement, we love the Constitution, support it and defend it, but you can’t go into a crowded theater and scream fire. And that’s exactly what they’re doing by bringing those guns down there.

Once again, I don’t agree with what he is saying here. If I were attending in Cleveland, I sure as heck would be armed if I could be. You can’t say you are constitutional in one breath and take people’s rights away in the next. The first key test for law enforcement comes Monday, as the convention opens, when Citizens for Trump and Black on Black Crime, Inc., which has marched in the past with Black Lives Matter-affiliated protesters, are among the many groups that are set to protest. We’ll see how that plays out.

The union has also reached out to Police Chief Calvin Williams, asking that officers — some of whom have been positioned alone and without vehicles — be grouped together on their patrols, especially outside of the downtown security zones.

I agree 100% with that. And I would warn any thugs out there thinking of getting their violence on, that the game has now changed and officers will be much quicker to protect themselves and those around them. If you come to dance with them, expect for it to possibly be your last.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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