Clinton Campaign BUSTED! Donors Demand Answers On Where $1.5 BILLION Went

The night of the election Hillary was at her New York bash, you remember the big huge celebration she was certain she’d have once the numbers came in and she won by a landslide?

Yea, that one.

Well she was prepared to thank donors of $1 million or more that night once she became President-elect.

…but it was a failed campaign so that never happened. Then of course she tried to pass blame on Comey, and Putin, and Trump…and all the so-called deplorables. However, that did not work and due to that she has lost a lot of credibility in the eyes of her big hitter donors, VIP boosters, and several campaign advisers.

One guest at the Plaza there that night with Hillary Clinton puts the tone of that night into perspective. “It was like a wake with a band”

With all her complaining and whining, and doing her best to save face, all she managed to do was throw away every last ounce of dignity she had left…it’s embarrassing really. I pity her.

Her complaining about Putin is such a joke…even if he had something to do with any of it, does it matter? If she didn’t have dirt on her in the first place, there would be nothing to EXPOSE!

Anyhow, for this reason the donors are not being sold on her Russian hack story, and Putin couldn’t be the only reason she failed if it was true so now these big wig donors are pointing the finger at Hillary.

She didn’t even bother to go to Wisconsin.


So word is that fundraisers are cutting off all donations completely to the Democratic Party until things are investigated and given an honest review as to where Hillary and Dems went wrong with this election. Comey and Putin sob stories are NOT going to cut it.

As it is foreign governments have been cutting off funds to the Clinton Foundation already, and that could be worrisome to the Clintons for obvious reasons.

Bill Clinton himself must be feeling the heat of the ‘cut off’ because he gave the most asinine statement recently regarding Trump’s intelligence.

“One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him”

Way to keep things RACIST Bill!

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