LEAKED Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal Her True Thoughts About Israel And Netanyahu

Leaked Hillary Clinton emails appear to show the true thoughts about Israel and Netanyahu. From what we’ve gathered, it doesn’t seem like Hillary’s camp has any respect for either of them.

While the leftists are complaining about the act of releasing private emails, the intelligent people are responding to the content in those emails. It’s the content that matters, not the way the content was attained. I don’t care if the emails were hacked, but I do care to see how Hillary was relating to others and some of the released emails show the true character of the people we’re dealing with.

I’m sure most people have a few things in their emails that they would prefer someone not to see, but when you’re a political figure running for President, then you really need to have a squeaky clean email account. I know it’s just human nature for people to not like everyone, and it’s actually fine (to me) if Hillary doesn’t like or care about Netanyahu, however there’s plenty of voters who will care.

I’m a different breed in that I don’t believe we have to like everyone on this planet. It’s OK to think someone is a piece of sh*t, especially if they ARE a piece of sh*t. However, guys like me don’t run for President, so my opinions on others are mute in comparison to someone like Hillary who lost the 2016 Presidential election TWICE. The recount, counts.

Here’s more info about the leaked emails and the Clinton camp thoughts on Israel and Netanyahu. You can formulate your own opinion on this.


Breitbart – Then there is Jake Sullivan, who currently serves as a top foreign policy advisor for Hillary’s campaign and who was Clinton’s deputy chief of staff while she was Secretary of State. Sullivan has also been revealed to harbor anti-Israel views. In one heavily redacted email to Clinton regarding talks with Netanyahu, Sullivan’s subject line reads “dealing with Netanyahu.” There is often a cavalier attitude in how many of Hillary’s subordinates refer to the Prime Minister of Israel. His name rarely comes with any titles reflecting his status as an elected leader. Rather, he’s usually just “Netanyahu.”

Then there is, of course, Sidney Blumenthal, of whom I have written much in the past, especially about his anti-Semitic son Max, who recently celebrated the death of, and defamed, Elie Wiesel, prompting Hillary Clinton to disavow him, something for which she deserves great credit.

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