BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Directly Tied In Plot To Steal Election For Hillary

After a lengthy investigation into her Hillary Clinton’s private email server, she finally got off the hook. Just weeks later, the FBI announced that they were launching multiple investigations into the Clinton Foundation.

She’s a candidate who can’t break free from Federal investigation (and could very well be a President whose being investigated by the government she presides over).

The Foundation has faced allegations of acting as a personal slush fund for the Clintons, and engaging in a pay-for-play scheme with their donors. Of course, with the Clintons, those allegations are likely the tip of the iceberg.

The leaked Wikileaks emails are leading even more questions to be asked. Her campaign is under new pressure because of apparent leaked emails from WikiLeaks that raise more questions about payments to the Clinton Foundation. A former aide called money paid to former President Bill Clinton, “Bill Clinton Inc.

Yeah – that’s not suspicious at all. Why is an organization that’s supposed to be a charity referring to payments to Bill as a business-like transaction? Who knows – but as Fury News reported, there’s an even bigger bombshell with the Foundation….

In a bombshell just unearthed by independent researcher Micro Spooky Leaks, A Canadian company by the name of Dominion Voting provides the voting machines to 600 jurisdictions in 22 states, and is directly linked to the Clinton Foundation as one of their massive donors.

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-7-03-52-amOn their homepage, the company alludes to how they help rig elections, stating “we strive to change elections for the better!” which is an extremely chilling statement considering they supply 50% of the electronic voting machines for the presidential election.

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-7-03-59-amRight after this startling information was unearthed however, it appears as though Democrats immediately began white-washing the information, as the link to the statement within the Wikipedia page that corroborated the bombshell information was mysteriously removed.

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-7-04-04-amHillary has played dirty for years, and it appears as though her antics aren’t stopping now. After murdering many people close to exposing her scandals as a way to prevent them from ruining her presidential bid, the only thing left for her to do now is to steal the election through massive voter fraud.

Dominion Voting machines that will be used in 22 states

The picture at this point is becoming bleak for Republicans. There’s no doubt that Donald Trump can defeat Hillary, as evidenced by his early lead in many historically blue states, and the recent bombshell that Hillary’s lead across many polls is completely fake. However fighting back against electronic voting machines that have been calibrated by Hillary operatives to switch votes from Republican to Democrat will be extremely difficult.

The only thing we can do at this point is demand a paper ballot when we go to vote.

When you see evidence like this, can anyone really blame Donald Trump when he says he thinks this election will be rigged? We know from the DNC hack that the Democrat establishment rigged the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders – and Hillary dares to mock Trump for saying this election is rigged?

Let’s give Hillary Clinton a surprise this November. Get out, vote – and share this post on Facebook and Twitter to share the word.


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