Clinton Foundation Gets HACKED – This is How Democrats and Hillary got RICH!!!

Julian Assange, Guccifer 2.0, and Edward Snowden have all pushed the bounds of what is legal and what is when it comes to hacking. While Assange has back out of revealing classified information that could sink Hillary Clinton’s campaign Guccifer 20 certainly has not. Guccifer 2.0 has some really controversial information about the Clinton Fondation that puts another nail in Clinton’s coffin.

His information shows that the Democrat’s funneled TARP money into their PACs. Guccifer 2.0 admitted to hacking the server of the Clinton Foundation and downloading hundreds of thousands of database donor documents. Since he said that the Foundation does not bother with information security it was easy to hack into the server.

As seen below the server has documents of DNC and PAC donors.


As well, they found pay to play documents showing lists of donors and their matching TARP funds. Even Nancy Pelosi is seen on the documentation so it isn’t some type of rogue server or false information.

This information is not remotely surprising considering how corrupt not only the Clinton’s are but by extension the Foundation is. They have been known to engage in pay to play antics before such as requiring large donations from foreign dignitaries in order to gain access to the former Secretary of State. So funneling money in and stealing it from TARP from people who actually need it is down right disgraceful.

But considering all the controversies that Hillary Clinton has weathered through the years she has truly mastered the art of being what everyone calls teflon Hillary. She always seems to get away with every criminally unethical thing that she does. Whether as First Lady, Secretary of State or presidential nominee. In all likelihood this new information will not be the downfall of her campaign considering that all her supporters are perfectly fine with her being a lying murderer.

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