Look What Just Happened To The Clinton Foundation After They Run Out Of Shit To Sell!

It looks like the Clinton Foundation has fallen on hard times, which means good times for the rest of us. A “Warn Notice” has been filed with the New York Department of Labor. This is a 90-day warning of layoffs for 22 employees of the Clinton Global Initiative. The actual layoff will occur on April 15th, 2017. Once Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump, this was a fait accompli. What Clinton was selling was influence through power and when she lost, that pay-to-play money spigot got shut off… permanently.

Now the fun and games begin. Since the Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the FBI, there will be a shredding party like no other. Everything must go. But what will happen after that is predictable as the day is long.

Remember Erin Brockovich? In a scene in the movie where Erin meets an informant in a bar, she asks him about the shredding party the defendant was having… the man said it turns out, he wasn’t a very good employee. In other words, not everything was shredded and what do you want to bet that happens here? Along with these ‘ex-employees’ selling their stories to the highest bidder. And don’t even get me started on the Feds. Clinton’s misery is about to ratchet way up.

From the Observer:

The Clinton Foundation’s long list of wealthy donors and foreign government contributors during the 2016 elections provoked critics to allege conflicts of interests. Clinton partisans defended the organization’s charitable work, and dismissed claims that it served as a means for the Clintons to sell off access, market themselves on the paid speech circuit, and elevate their brand as Hillary Clinton campaigned for the presidency.

But as soon as Clinton lost the election, many of the criticisms directed toward the Clinton Foundation were reaffirmed. Foreign governments began pulling out of annual donations, signaling the organization’s clout was predicated on donor access to the Clintons, rather than its philanthropic work. In November, the Australian government confirmed it “has not renewed any of its partnerships with the scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation, effectively ending 10 years of taxpayer-funded contributions worth more than $88 million.” The government of Norway also drastically reduced their annual donations, which reached $20 million a year in 2015.

On January 12, the Clinton Foundation received more bad news: a WARN notice was filed with the New York Department of Labor. The main office of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City would be closing, laying off 22 employees. The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) “offers protection to workers, their families, and communities by requiring employers to provide notice 60 days in advance of covered plant closings and covered mass layoffs. This notice must be provided to either affected workers or their representatives (e.g., a labor union); to the State dislocated worker unit; and to the appropriate unit of local government.” The reason for the filing was stated as the “discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initative,” after CGI previously announced layoffs leading up to the general election.

Foreign governments and entities pulled their donations immediately. Not only that but those connected to the Clinton Foundation abroad are now being investigated and charged with a whole slew of crimes. Meanwhile, Hillary is pretty much in hiding. I’m sure she’s aggressively huddling with consultants and attorneys, but I doubt that will save her in the end.

For a long while now, the Clinton Foundation and its various tentacles, have been accused of being more about greed than charity. I sincerely doubt charity was ever the goal of this enterprise. What remains to be seen is if Hillary herself in the end will answer for any of her crimes.



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