CROOKED Clinton Foundation NEVER Informed State Department Of $1 million Qatar ‘gift’

The corruption of the Clinton Foundation is never ending. It gets old after a while. But now the Clinton’s have found themselves in a mess they cannot explain away. The Clinton Foundation accepted a $1 million gift from the country of Qatar and never reported it to the State Department. This a clear violation of the ethics agreement that Hillary Clinton signed prior to becoming Secretary of State in 2009.

The terms of the agreement she signed are clear. As lawyers they should understand this quite easily. Hillary promised that the foundation would notify the State Department’s office of ethics if a donation was given by a foreign government or if a foreign donor increased their contributions in a large amount. Which means she was obligated to reported the $1 million gift.

The gift was given to mark President Clinton’s 65th birthday. Emails prove that the Clinton Foundation foreign policy director emailed colleagues saying that the Qatari officials wanted to meet for a few minutes to present the check in New York City.

Brian Cookstra who is a spokesman for the Clinton Foundation noted to Reuters that the $1 million gift did not constitute a material increase in contributions from the Middle Eastern country. Now if that is not a crock of baloney I do not know what is.

But Reuters found that Qatar only gave $1 to $5 million over the years. Which means almost a half percent increase is definatly substantial. The State Department spokesperson told Reuters they have no record of there Qatar donation and it was not submitted for review or question.

This is exactly why Clinton is accused of pay to play scandals for her unethical behavior and actions and her arrogance in thinking nobody will ever find out. She is gaining money in exchange for the belief that these people will get favors in return.

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