WATCH: Video Shows Clinton Staffer Feeding Question To Reporter After Debate

You don’t have to do more than turn your television on, or look at a newsstand, to see that the media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

As the Free Thought Project pointed out, you can look behind the scenes and see proof of the media collusion. Among the revelations from the recent Wikileaks dump shows just that. Among the evidence is as follows:

1. Clinton Staff hosts private “off-the-record cocktail party” with 38 “influential” reporters, journalists, editors, and anchors (from 16 different mainstream media outlets including CNN, NBC, CBS, NYT, MSNBC, & more) with the stated goal of “framing the race.”

2. Donna Brazile (CNN contributor at the time, and current DNC Chairman now) leaked CNN town hall questions to Hillary Clinton’s staff prior to the debate.

3. Clinton campaign and the New York Times coordinating attack strategy against Trump.

4. Glen Thrush, POLITICO’s chief political correspondent and senior staff writer for POLITICO Magazine, sends John Podesta an article for his approval. Writes: “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this. Tell me if I fucked up anything.”

5. Huffington Post contributor Frank Islam writes to John Podesta in an email titled “My blogs in the Huffington Post”, says “I am committed to make sure she is elected the next president.” “Please let me know if I can be of any service to you.”

6. Clinton staffer “Placing a story” with Politico / New York Times: “place a story with a friendly journalist” “we have a very good relationship with Maggie Haberman of Politico” “we should shape likely leaks in the best light for HRC.”

7. John Podesta receiving drafts of New York Times articles before they’re published.

Clinton staff “placing a story with a friendly at the AP (Matt Lee or Bradley Klapper).”

More media collusion: NYT and AP “helpful” to Clinton campaign.

8. Clinton staff colluding with New York Times and Wall Street Journal to paint Hillary’s economic policies in a “progressive” light.

9. CNBC panelist colluding with John Podesta on what to ask Trump when he calls in for an interview.

10. Clinton staff appearing to control the release times of Associated Press articles.

So yeah – the media is pretty much in the tank for Hillary.

So would you believe that Clinton’s campaign is feeding the media questions? Of course. As Hannity reported:

A new video is showing Nick Merrill, the traveling Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton, apparently feeding a question to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. The moment took place during a post-debate media scrum after Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

In the video, Clinton can be seen answering a question that had been asked by Mitchell. While she answers, Merrill is frantically typing on his phone, which he then shows to Mitchell. Merrill smiles and then, after Clinton is done answering the previous question, Mitchell is allowed to ask the follow-ip that had obviously been suggested by the Clinton flack.

Journalism is dead.

Watch below:

Aside from Fox News, is there a single mainstream media outlet that leans right? Nope (and Fox can hardly be accused of being in the tank for Trump anyway).

Hillary says that she can’t figure out why, despite the differences between her and Trump, she she isn’t fifty points ahead in the polls. Personally, I think that if the media devoted even an equal amount of attention to the scandals of Trump and Hillary, it would be Trump up fifty points in the polls right now.

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