NEW VIDEO: Clinton REFUSES To Deal With Stage Stairs, Makes Alarming Move Instead

I find what Hillary just said at one of her recent campaign speeches, in Florida. That campaign stop is becoming pretty famous now…for several different reasons.

For one, she obviously had a difficult time completely pretty simple physical activities…one that has really caught the eye of the public is her refusal to take the first step down a flight of stairs.

She stood at the top of those stairs for a few moments before making a hand gesture to call over what appeared to be a Secret Service agent. It also seemed obvious he was fully aware of what her needs were without a word from her.

He immediately made his way over to Hillary and helped give her support to take the first couple steps down the flight of stairs. Then she gathered her own strength to walk the rest of the way.

This of course is all just perception…and you should be able to discern it for yourself. So here’s the video. What do you see?

Second odd behavior that people picked up on that day…

Her speech lasted only 25 minutes but during that time she still needed to a break. Due to a coughing fit that overtook her, she took a few moments to regather herself, and pop a throat lozenge before continuing on with her speech.

You just about start to feel sorry for her…because she’s evil, but still human.

BUT THAT CHANGES…when you hear what she has to say…

“Do we lift each other up? Or do we tear each other down? Do we listen and respect each other or do we scapegoat point fingers and insult each other?” Clinton orated during her speech.

OH MY GOSH…. Pretty soon I’ll need a medic because I’m about to STROKE OUT over the HYPOCRISY of it all!

First… she calls Trump supporters “DEPLORABLE”

Then she calls Bernie supporters FREAKING “Basement Dwellers” YES! BASEMENT DWELLERS!

And she’s trying to talk about listening to each other….respecting each other…and WHAT lifting each other up?

DUDE. Someone needs to ‘lift’ Hillary right into a straight jacket and ‘respectfully’ commit her to an insane asylum! Where the walls can ‘listen’ to her LIES! ALL DAY!

There are no words…to describe how ridiculous this woman is. It’s embarrassing to watch!

Find ONE ounce of truth in this woman, and I’ll sell you some LUXURY beachfront property in Arizona.

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