Clinton-Supporting Students at Elite University Asked to Name 1 Hillary Accomplishment. It Does Not Go Well…

What if I said that I’m voting for Donald Trump just because he’s a man? Not only would that be a ridiculous reason to vote for a candidate, I’m sure liberals would be happy to brand me a sexist for uttering such a statement.

But when it comes to Hillary? Nope. There’s no shortage of people voting for her for the sole reason that she’s a woman. Because we’ve never had a female president before, it’s somehow okay to vote for someone because of the genitals they happened to be born with.

Show me a Hillary Clinton supporter being asked to give a legitimate reason she’s supporting the candidate, and I’ll show you a dear in headlights.

If the students at one of America’s most prestigious universities can’t name a single Hillary accomplishment, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who can. I’d rather they’d been honest and simply said not being a Republican is her accomplishment.

As for how such an experiment went at Georgetown University, IJ Review reported:

As Campus Reform recently discovered, while some Georgetown University students they spoke with could quickly identify the fact that they’re supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, few of them could point to even one of her political achievements.

Though typical reasons for voting for Clinton centered around her becoming the first female president, many students simply drew a blank.

When pressed, one student responded, “Not necessarily, just the fact that she’s a female” makes her qualified for the presidency.

Another student when pressed further pointed to her years of government experience, saying, “the fact that she’s worked in government before says a lot, and makes her qualified.”

Yet another student said after being pressed further, that she’s qualified because “she’s morphed her political views into what the majority of the country wants.”

God help us.

Let’s just hope that despite all their opinions, all these kids are far too lazy to get off their couches and vote this November.

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