OH SNAP: Clintons Accused Of Dodging Federal Taxes, Established ‘Shell Companies’

For some reasons, Hillary’s comeback for everything when she is trying to respond to something Trump said or did… is the same. LET THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SEE YOU TAXES TRUMP!

That’s all you hear from the woman. Trump’s taxes… over and over and over again.

The funny thing is, this woman has a really bad habit of casting the first stone, then being the one that gets buried. That’s just what happens to liars.

However this time, she’s really done it. We know she’s a liar and a cheat, but now we find out…there is something else she has hidden up her dark hole….of secrets.

The Clintons, themselves have been poked at for being a participant in tax-avoidance.


Back in 2014, the Clintons were caught using “creative” accounting practices with the goal of minimizing their responsibility on Estate Tax.

You should know, that this “Estate Tax” is the same tax that she has openly said she plans to RAISE to 65% if she’s elected president.

Ironically enough, this tax she plans to raise to 65%, is also known as the ‘Death Tax’

Bloomberg reported back in 2014 that the Clintons were involved in the strategic planning of this ‘death tax’ befitting the top 1% of households in wealth.

Apparently, this is a move that is very common among multimillionaires. It allows them room to wiggle, wiggle A LOT away from the tax that now tops out at 40% of assets upon death.

This rotten couple had the audacity to create residence trusts in 2010 then followed up by shifting ownership of their New York house into them in 2011.

There are numerous tax advantages to that move, among them is the fact that any appreciation in their home’s value will be calculated OUTSIDE their taxable estate. This sort of move could save them hundreds of thousands in estate taxes.

First thought…ok cool, good for them. They found a way to get around the system without the system being able to bite them in the ass.

Second thought…

That is the EXACT same thing they are spending so much time on to expose Donald Trump for. The exact same thing that Megyn Kelly lost her crap over on live T.V. when she went off about Trump doing something LEGAL with his taxes to save himself some money.

The problem with this is, stupid people will believe the hype, see the Clintons getting red in the face over Trump’s taxes and witness Megyn Kelly having steam come out of her ears..and think to themselves, WOW Trump really is a cheating dirtbag.

When in fact, he just like Hillary Clinton, was just trying to save some money through legal means.

It’s just one of them is a total idiot, and has no shame in pointing the finger over nothing that she hasn’t done herself.

What a dope.

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