Flood? What Flood? Clintons Crash Obamas’ Party Place; Live It Up With Celebs On Martha’s Vineyard

Talk about insensitive, callous and tone-deaf. The indifference of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is thunderous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen politicians like this be so blatant in their uncaring for the American people involved in a catastrophe on American soil. It’s staggering.

Obama says he feels the pain of the people in flooded Louisiana… and he will come see them… the day after his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard ends that is.

As far as Clinton goes, she’s now on Martha’s Vineyard as well partying with celebrities like Cher while she is fundraising and celebrating Bill’s 70 birthday. She doesn’t plan to visit the South at all. She REALLY doesn’t give a crap.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump went down there and the people were in tears when he arrived. He brought an 18 wheeler full of food, water, clothes, toys and provisions. Just who is the real leader here?

From BizPac Review:

Their indifference would be staggering… but for a complicit media.

All but ignoring the plight of tens of thousands of Louisiana residents dealing with the devastating effects of the worst flooding seen in the state since Hurricane Katrina, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the man she hopes to succeed, President Barack Obama, are having a gay ol’ time on Martha’s Vineyard.

Clinton was seen at several fundraisers on Saturday, including a “Summer Reception with Hillary” that included Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. — of “the police acted stupidly” fame — as a guest, the Daily Mail reported.

Saturday’s events followed a Friday night birthday bash for husband Bill, who just turned 70. There were reports that the president and first lady, who are summer vacationing on the tony island resort, may “pop in,” though it’s not clear if that happened.

The Clinton motorcade along with guests including Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. were pictured arriving for a ‘Summer Reception with Hillary.’ That’s the guy who now infamously said, “the police acted stupidly.” Wow… talk about hanging out with racists, Marxists and cop-haters… Hillary has a full dance card. It’s disgraceful.

Obama was just as bad, attending a fireworks display Friday night. He laughed and had a fabulous time. The president enjoyed the annual fireworks show Friday night in Oak Bluffs, a Martha’s Vineyard town also known as the Black Hamptons, a place where for generations wealthy black people spend their summer vacation. Racist elitists unite! That pretty much says it all sadly.

Martha’s Vineyard has turned into a retreat for wealthy, racist Marxist elitists. There goes the neighborhood. I would rather hang out with those in Louisiana, thank you very much.



A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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