“Clock Kid” Ahmed Makes SICKENING Tweet on 9/11, This Will Make Your Blood BOIL

Remember Ahmed Mohamed, a.k.a. Clock Boy? He made national news when he was arrested last year for bringing what was mistaken as a bomb to his high school, sparking a dialogue on racial profiling and Islamophobia in America. Anyone who actually took a look at the “clock” (that he didn’t even make, by the way) quickly realized that the police were called because what he brought to school actually looked like a bomb. Don’t just take my word for it, have a peak at the “clock” below.


What percent of the population would “reasonably” identify that as a clock? The reasonable response is to view it as anything but! Is a teacher really supposed to think to themselves “well it looks like he’s carrying a clock, but he’s a Muslim and I don’t want to racially profile!” Neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists reported being suspicious of the killers, but didn’t report them because they didn’t want to be seen as “racist.” It doesn’t hurt to err on the side of caution with the jihadist threat we face today.

Back to Clock Boy. After studying in Qatar for a year, Ahmed returned back to the U.S. in June. Since then, he’s kept a relatively low profile, remaining accessible to the public through Twitter. On the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States yesterday, he posted a message there that was less than tasteful.

As Fury News reported:

Ahmed is back and he is using his “fame” to get more attention than he has already garnered in his brief little blip on our screens. This time, he took to Twitter, on the day that marks the largest tragedy in our recent American history, to spew hatred and encourage more division among our already torn and divided country.

If you’re going to be a D-bag, at least get your facts straight… Just a mere five minutes of research will show that the total estimated civilian death toll from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is between 141,868-153,436. I mean, yeah, it’s a high number, but its NOWHERE near 2 MILLION! Luckily enough, Twitter wasn’t in the mood for his BS, and they responded accordingly.

What the hell is wrong with these people? They seem to think that a tragedy isn’t worth remembering if they can’t make it all about themselves.

Speaking of people wanting to make tragedy all about themselves, don’t do a Google search to see how Black Lives Matter “honored” the dead if you’re watching your blood pressure.

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