“Clock Kid” Ahmed Mohamed and Family Not Allowing School District to Tell their Side of the Story


From Young Cons: Texas “Clock Kid” Ahmed Mohamed did America a big favor when his family announced they’d be permanently leaving the country for Qatar.

I say good riddance, and I’m glad one less anti-American propagandist will reside in our great nation.

We all know Mohamed’s story by now. The 14-year-old brought a “hoax bomb” into school in the form of a clock, got arrested, received a whole bundle of goodies from Microsoft, and posed for pictures with a Sudanese war criminaland President Obama.


What’s interesting is that the family is refusing to sign a waiver allowing Ahmed’s school district to reveal their side of the story.

From Breitbart:

When “Clock Boy” Ahmed jets off to Qatar, he may leave his former Texas high school silenced from disclosing the details behind his September 14 arrest because the Mohamed family did not sign the school district’s waiver. Without it, the Irving Independent School District (ISD) remains muzzled from telling their side, burying the rest of the story.

The Dallas Morning News insisted the reason the Mohamed family never signed the waiver because Irving ISD sent the paperwork “to the wrong lawyer.” Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne suggested to the Dallas newspaper that an unresponsive Mohamed family was to blame.

Breitbart Texas spoke to Irving Independent School District spokeswoman Lesley Weaver, who timelined events she could address to bring some context to an otherwise one-sided “Clock Boy” Islamophobia narrative fanned by mainstream media that dismissed the role that “safe school” and threat assessment “zero tolerance” policies played in Ahmed Mohamed’s woes, not bigotry.

Hiding something, are we?

We already know Mohamed’s sister was accused of a bomb threat a few years earlier, and that his father is a 9/11 truther, but what’s the angle here?

Liberals are always covering up something.

Feel free to make all the “clocks” you want in your new land, Ahmed.

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