One Of America’s Favorite Clothing Stores Has Sick Plans To Transform Your Children Into Muslims – Here’s How

If you’ve ever been to a mall in America, then you’ve probably walked by, or shopped in, the store with all the trendy young clothes known as American Eagle. It’s mostly a store for teens and college aged people who still have young bendable minds. It’s with utter sadness and disgrace that the store with an American name and iconic bird has completely sunk to new oppressive lows.

American Eagle is promoting a denim hijab. The hijab is what Muslim girls wear because they are not allowed to have their hair exposed. It’s 100% oppressive to women and Muslim girls are too scared to fight back and let their hair be out like every other girl on the planet. To see American Eagle promote such a horrible piece of clothing that is symbolic to the way Muslims treat women is completely disgusting and absolutely unpatriotic. How can a store sell something that, if it falls off in public, might lead to the honor killing of a young girl?

What if a Muslim girl’s hijab falls off or she decides not to wear it one day? Then she goes home and her father sees it and honor kills her? Does American Eagle want that blood on their hands?

Via Conservative Post:

One of America’s top clothing stores, especially among youth and young adults, is trying its damnedest to get your kids to dress like Muslims.

Yes, seriously.

American Eagle Outfitters has perhaps the most patriotic-sounding name possible, but if its latest ad campaign is any indication, the company has gone the way of liberal globalism.

The company recently began selling a “denim hijab.” You know, that head covering that women living under Sharia Law must wear on pain of death.

American Eagle said it was trying to capitalize on the “popularity” of Islam in America.

To promote this bizarre product, the company hired the winner of the 2016 Miss Minnesota pageant, a Muslim girl named Halima Aden.

Aden competed in the pageant wearing a “burkini” and hijab, and American Eagle apparently took that as a sign that all American girls would soon want to dress that way.”

If American Eagle really said that Islam was popular in America, then they’re clearly smoking some bad reefer. If they mean Islam is popular because everyone talks about it, then they should’ve looked into it a bit further. People aren’t saying good things about it. It’s more like “can you believe another girl suffered female genital mutilation” and “omg, I can’t believe Sasha is getting married to that guy. She’s only like 9-years-old” or “let’s throw all the gays off the buildings after work” – in which case, they could take the transgenders with them.

I believe that American Eagle should stick to American clothing and not promote a religion that has a horrible reputation as being oppressive, violent, and believing in Sharia law which is one of the worst things you can be forced into.

I don’t think American Eagle should promote a religion that participates female genital mutilation, young girls forced into marriage, or gang rape. After all, the store isn’t called Muslim Eagle.

What will American Eagle make next? A comfortable vest for people to put their explosives in?

Here are some valid Tweets that were posted. It begins with American Eagle’s initial post and shows replies. I really feel bad for the girl who was featured by American Eagle. No one should say anything bad to her. Perhaps someone can help her escape that religion. If she gets too popular, then who knows what might happen. Maybe American Eagle can make her a wedding dress when some 48-year-old wants to get hitched.

Here is the first Tweet by American Eagle

A market that subjugates women.

Culture of Oppression

Minnesota is MinneF*ckisStan

A millennial is already boycotting American Eagle

Reminding American Eagle that the hijab is a sign of oppression

Spreading awareness to her family and friends

Let’s see her dance through the mosque

Big difference between freedom and oppression

People are annoyed that American Eagle is trying to sell a hijab and promote such an oppressive religion. Some Muslim women will say they wear this by choice, but the truth is – they have no choice. They’re forced into wearing such garments, which they should not be.

Have you ever seen a Muslim woman and man walking outside on a hot summer day? She is covered HEAD TO TOE while he wears whatever he wants to stay cool.

How is that fair to her? The Muslim woman is probably sweating bullets under that garment and he’s chilling like he just bought a new pair of surf shorts and a tank top. But the woman must be 100% covered up, sometimes even up to their eyes.

That’s oppression folks.

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