CNN Analyst Suggests ‘No Guns on Campus’ Policy is a Draw for Shooters (VIDEO)


From IJReview: In the direct aftermath of the Umpqua Community College (UCC) shooting, speculation ran rampant regarding everything from the shooter’s motive to his affiliations.

Among all the chatter, it was revealed that UCC has a “no-guns policy.”

CNN military analyst, Lt. Col. Rick Francona, made a salient point regarding the effect such “gun-free zones” may have on potential shooters:

“The gun-free zones are areas that tell licensed gun owners that ‘you are not allowed to carry your weapon in this facility.’ So they do serve a purpose to let everyone know that this is a gun-free zone. Conversely… if you’re going to perpetrate some act, you know that most people are not going to be armed.”

As IJ reported yesterday, despite a 2010 court case establishing student concealed carry rights:

“…the Oregon Board of Higher Education had created a work-around that acknowledged students’ rights to carry concealed, but banned the very same guns inside campus buildings, essentially gutting the court decision.”

UCC’s “Dangerous Devices” policy states in part:

“Possession, use, or threatened use of firearms… except as authorized by law or college regulations, is prohibited.”

Because the policy states that guns are prohibited “except as authorized by law,” it would appear as though student gun rights are protected. However, UCC’s student code of conduct seems to indicate permission from the college is necessary:

“The following actions and/or behaviors are the types of misconduct for which students may be subject to disciplinary action… Possession or use, without written authorization, of firearms… on College premises, at College-sponsored or supervised functions or at functions sponsored or participated in by the College.”

Additionally, interim college president Rita Cavin held a press conference after the shooting in which she flatly stated:

“We have a ‘no guns on campus’ policy.”

Adding insult to injury, the Associated Press reports that Joe Olsen, former president of the college, revealed that “the school has only one security officer on duty at a time, and that person isn’t armed,” and that during his time at the school, “one of the biggest debates on campus was whether the school should have armed security officers.”


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