CNN Tried To Bash And Spin Trump Visit But It Just EXPLODED In Their FACE! “You Got The Story Wrong!”

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards praised Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence for their visit to the flood effected areas of Louisiana. He said there presence their shined a spotlight on the issues Louisiana is dealing with.

Trump and Pence viewed the damage caused by the floods which was caused by 6.9 trillion gallons of rain. The rain hit the area in between Aug. 8 and 14. They spent some of their time helping volunteers and passing out supplies. The Trump made a campaign statement that said he had made a $100,000 donation to the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church which he had also visited.

Dana Bash of CNN unfortunately lied about the governor’s statements and mis-characterized them. She initially stated Pence and Trump were not wanted in Louisiana. But in fact his statements were that he didn’t want Trump and Pence of it were just for a photo op.

Edwards corrected Bash’s “mistake.” His point was that he didn’t want it to be yet another campaign event or fiasco to bring attention to his campaign. When asked if he was helpful Edwards said,

For the reasons that I stated earlier, because it helped to shine a spotlight on Louisiana and on the dire situation that we have here, that it was helpful. I will tell you that I also appreciated the good phone call, the conversation that I had with Governor Pence, who was sincere and genuine when he called and spoke for a long time on Friday morning about their desire to be helpful.”

Edwards also gave praise to the federal government’s response in the interview. Which is surprising considering they haven’t really had one. President Obama has received immense criticism for golfing and continuing his Massachusetts vacation while the floods occurred. However, the White House has acknowledged the president will appear in Louisiana later this week.

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