CNN TOTALLY Alters 2nd Pic Of Airport Jihadist, Here’s What They DIDN’T Want You To See

CNN is constantly blasted by the conservative media and for good reason. They do not tell the truth and they twist it to suit their own liberal narrative. For example, the shooter in the recent shooting at Ft. Lauderdale airport was identified and his name and photograph are being circulated online. Except CNN made it a black and white photo to make him seem more white despite his being Caucasian. They also cropped out the part where Santiago, the shooter, is pointing his finger in the ISIS salute direction.

Look at one persons reaction via Twitter here,

Now, look at the photo,


Officials have identified the man as having been born in Puerto Rico and moved to New Jersey as a child when he was born in 1990. Reports also indicate he had researched weapons, explosives, and frequented radical Islamic sites that ISIS members use as far back as 2007.

Hopefully the authorities lock this animal up and throw away the key for what he did.

CNN is clearing cropping and changing these photographs because they do not want to admit this assailant was Hispanic and that he was radicalized. When you think about it, it is the most ridiculous thing. Instead of being worried about the safety of all Americans and our country they are more worried about saving the feelings of these delicate snowflake liberals who cannot accept the fact that a Hispanic person was radicalized or that he was Muslim.

Clearly, the safety of our citizens is less important than the bottom line and making headlines and money from their liberal sponsors. Now we know what we knew all along which is that CNN is not doing any service to Americans but only to themselves otherwise they would report on the truth and not distort to suit their own biases and needs.

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