CNN Believes That Little Girls Should Be Exposed To Male Genitals, Here’s The DISGUSTING Reason They Are Pushing This!

CNN’s Chris Cuomo might regret one of his latest Tweets. He was asked on Twitter about his opinion of a young girl not wanting to see a penis in HER bathroom.

Cuomo gave what might be one of the worst answers possible. His Tweet back was literally ridiculous and borderline pedophilia.

Cuomo’s Tweet suggests that 12-year-old girls should tolerate seeing a MAN PENIS in the girl’s bathroom and their fathers should teach more tolerance. That’s right folks. Chris Cuomo tweeted that either the girl has a problem or the father needs to teach more “tolerance” in order to cater to the needs of the minuscule transgender population.

Does Cuomo think American Fathers are fear mongers and over protective if they don’t want their little girls near a man penis?

It’s OK for guys to want other guys not peeing near their kids. That’s not called being intolerant or fear mongering intolerance – that’s called being a responsible parent.

Here’s Christopher C. Cuomo’s wonderful Twitter reply to a question about what to tell a young girl who does not prefer to see a penis in the bathroom. And of course, you know Mark Dice chimed in and wrecked him.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was asked in a tweet what you tell a 12-year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room:

He responded with a stunning reply that suggested any dad who objected was “overprotective” and “intolerant”…This is where the left is TOTALLY unhinged and ridiculous! They put the emotion of the transgender bathroom controversy over common sense and the protection of children. doesn’t a little girl have just as much right to NOT have to see a male’s genitals in a bathroom or locker room? This is sick!

It seems like Mr. Cuomo is basically said that people should just deal with it.

No. I will not deal with it. I will teach my girl why we don’t want men in the women’s bathroom. No thank you, Mr. Chris Cuomo!

We don’t have to deal with it because men should NOT be in the women’s bathroom unless there’s an emergency. What if a pregnant woman falls and cries for help and her husband rushes in? That’s OK. What if an 8-year-old girl slips on water and screams, then dad or an employee help? That’s fine.

Here’s how other people replied on Twitter.

If some creepy guy wearing his sister’s clothes wants to pee? No. Get out. You’re a dude. Go in the guy’s bathroom. Transgender people need to use the bathroom that is determined by what’s in their pants.

If anyone out there has a daughter, then ask her if she’s OK seeing a GROWN MAN’S PENIS in the bathroom or locker room with her.

The worst part about all of this is that 99% of the time, it’s not the transgender who will commit the crime. You know who it is, right? It’s the perverts who pretend to be transgender so they can have easy access to snap pictures or rape people.

Why would I open the door for them to commit a crime much easier? No. Stop this nonsense right now.

It’s not that I’m not intolerant, it’s that transgenders live in a make-believe world and the reality is what’s in their pants, not what’s in their mind.

Get the gender reassignment surgery and I’ll take IT seriously.

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