For a news network who esteems themselves as “The Most Trusted Name in News,” they sure don’t know how to earn that respect. This latest incident only proves how contradictory their slogan is from their practices.

CNN preempted a perfectly good tribute to America’s veterans — on Veteran’s Day — with a warning that the following program would include a portion of the national anthem, the Daily Caller reported.

“Please be advised you are about to hear an excerpt of the national anthem,” the warning declared.

Gasp in horror! Could you imagine what one’s ears could have endured if they hadn’t been told to avert their attention elsewhere as to avoid exposure to a snippet of something so patriotic?!

It’s surprising CNN stopped at just a single warning regarding the national anthem without also including concern for the content matter. The program the warning preceded was about a heartwarming story of a military mother who returned home and surprised her daughter, in a video entitled “Sailor mom surprises daughter at school.”

It’s a sad day in this country when Americans have to be warned about hearing something American.

The video itself includes kids singing and waving American flags. There are elderly, proud veterans, hands on hearts, and tears of thankfulness and pride for our country at the end. It’s riddled with so much patriotism that if President Barack Obama had cast a single glance at his television that evening, he would have likely curled up in the fetal position crying for Michelle to come console him.

Outrage over the warning has followed CNN’s airing of it and the network is now doing damage control, calling it an accident, of course. A spokesman for the news station told The Daily Caller it was the result of an employee’s unfortunate interpretation of a company policy which, respectfully, only allows “The Star-Spangled Banner” to be played in its glorious entirety.

According to the spokesman, the warning wasn’t about the substance of the national anthem, rather it was about the fact that the video contained only part of the song.

“The graphic was included in error and has been removed,” the CNN spokesman said. “The video remains on the site.”

What do you think? Are you buying their explanation?


Courtesy of Mad World News

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