CNN Guest Says The N-Word On Live Air and Then This Happened…(VIDEO)

Liberals tend to be the first to claim that they’re offended, but what happens when one liberal says something offensive in front of another liberal? That’s an awkward situation. And that’s exactly what happened on CNN.

Host Brooke Baldwin had Charles Kaiser, an anti-Trump liberal, on her show. Kaiser was talking about Trump chief executive Steve Bannon, and while discussing alleged quotes from Bannon, Kaiser dropped the n-word. And Baldwin… well, she got pretty upset.

Kaiser tried to backpedal, saying he never uses the n-word… except when he’s quoting someone, apparently. But Baldwin didn’t care. She cut off the interview, saying, “We’re done. We’re done.” After the two guests disappeared from the screen, Bannon continued to express her disbelief. “I appreciate both your voices, but I am still — the more I’ve sat here and listened to the fact that somebody used the n-word on the show? It is not OK!” Baldwin said.

In addition to shutting down the interview, Baldwin pointed out that the claims Kaiser made against Bannon have not been substantiated.

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