CNN Host Tried To Put Words In Conway’s Mouth; So She Knocked Them The HELL OUT!


Wow what a snake! This CNN host tried to pull a fast one, and really all she managed to do was make herself look like a total scumbag. She did exactly what you would expect from the left. Take a FAT lie and wrap it in a couple small truths to get the American people to eat it. This whole election was based on that sort of garbage, and if they didn’t learn it from last night’s results, I’ll just lay it out straight right now.

We, the people, are not stupid.

They tried to play us with their sneaky tactics while hiding their dark secrets right out in plain site…and why? Because they think we’re stupid.

You know, there is one other that uses this exact same method to bring down mankind, and he’s been doing it since the beginning of time on earth. Can you take a wild guess at who I am referring to?


No, not Hillary Satan… the real douchebag, Satan. Who has really grabbed the corrupt of our nation by their metaphoric ball sack. There maybe hope for them yet though.

There is a truth that remains. That is, a good leader, is a leader that can rise above the chaos of division and find common ground for all those he leads to come together.

If Trump is that leader, it will happen. Of course you’ll have some people that just can’t be helped, because another truth is… you can’t change stupid.

Here in this video you will see a CNN host try to pull one over on Conway, and very simply in response, Conway shuts her down.

Nicely said Conway. Simple and to the point. She’s brilliant really in her response, there is no room for misunderstandings. She is very straightforward in all her interviews, and that’s one thing you can appreciate about her. It also is why she’s a perfect fit for Trump.

All while this stink’in CNN host waits for the answer she wants to hear, and when it doesn’t come she makes up her own.


They are going to have to come up with some new tricks if they want to remain hated…right now, I almost pity them. Their dignity has left the building.