CNN Just Got OWNED On Live TV With What Appeared On Screen That They Didn’t Know Was There

I wonder when CNN will finally pack it in and admit that they are useless? I don’t think it will happen anytime soon, even though we all know they terrible. But, I always cheer when someone calls these shysters out in public. Which is exactly what happened on Monday when a young man called out the Clinton News Network on live television.

We do not the name of this kid, but in my opinion, he is a true hero. The video shows one CNN anchor and Jim Acosta speaking about Vice President Mike Pence being South Korea. The camera begins to pan the crowd at the White House annual Easter Egg Roll event. That is when you see a young man pop up into the frame of the camera.

There are no microphones so you really can’t hear what the young lad is saying. However, if you can read lips it appears he is mouthing “fake news”.

Here check it out and let us know what you think he is saying.

There are, of course, people that are saying that the young man is shouting “f**k you,” but that doesn’t make any sense. If you notice when he mouths the words he throws up an “X” with his arms. If you ask me, that does not jive with him saying “f**k you at all. I am sure we can think of a better hand gesture to go with “F-you”, right?

It is worth noting that Trump and Acosta have had a feud in the past if you remember.

Back in January, when Trump was holding a press conference he and Acosta had quite the heated exchange. Which lead Trump to tell Acosta “your organization is terrible.”

Acosta then continued to interrupt other journalists which prompted Trump to silence Acosta. Finally, when the president had enough, he said, “No, I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news!”

So, let’s be realistic. It is quite possible that this kid knew about this event and decided to make his mark in the world.

But, this could not come at a better time either.

 Over the weekend Donald Trump Jr. also did an epic troll when he wore a “Fake News” tee shirt on Twitter. The caption read ” I’m going to buy 5-10,000 of these to pass around to our buddies in the #MSM. In the meantime, I’ll model it for them.”

Of course, the liberals lost their minds and called Trump Jr. every name in the book, but that is the liberal way. I am actually quite surprised that these hateful liberals have shown so much restraint towards this child.

But, they could just be waiting to see what this kid was saying still, right?

Now, yes it is hard to tell what he is mouthing, but considering how the phrase “fake news” has dominated the airwaves lately, it is quite possible. I have a teenage daughter myself who understand this phrase since she has seen it and read it many times.

Either way, it is pretty funny to witness CNN getting trolled this hard lately. Only time will tell what this kiddo was saying, but if I were a gambling woman I would put my money on “fake news”.

What do you think he was saying? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T [ Daily Caller ]

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